Living In The Future

Release Name: Living In The Future
Release Year: 2000
Identifiers: OM CD 33 (Omnimusic)
Format: CD
Country of Release: United States of America
Genre(s): Snyth-Pop, Futurology, Library Music


Library music CD’s are a charm. They will also be audio obscurities because what else could they ever be. I hope to one day find the courage to make a video using just library music from these Omnimusic CD’s.

This CD, which captures the sounds of the FUTURE (circa 1988) features a multitude of synth-pop tracks with very space-y computer-y feelings. With track titles such as ROBOTS and INFORMATION AGE, this release has a special place in my heart.

I sold this CD a few years ago to a guy in Australia, where technically they are in the FUTURE.

5/5, FUTURE!


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