Jeff Wolpert ‎– Swimming With Dolphins

Release Name: Jeff Wolpert ‎– Swimming With Dolphins
Release Year: 2000
Identifiers: 12772 (Sound Marketing), 096741923128 (Barcode)
Format: CD
Country of Release: Somewhere on Earth
Genre(s): New Age, Dolphin Sounds

90s never die. Please just never die.

I have faint memories of the late 90s. But when I listen to particular music, or see particular things on TV it just gives me that weird feeling of nostalgia, of simpler times. Dolphin ‘music’ does that to me. New Age Dolphin music does it to me twice.

This release is in my mind stupid, I hope that one day in the very distant future – someone will consider these releases of dolphin sounds and new age piano to be works of art and not just something you hear blaring from a £10 boombox at a garden centre. Because to me, they are works of art. I also like thunderstorms with new age piano, rain with new age piano and other strange sound effects, maybe the squawking of crows with new age piano…

4/5 for pure dolphin new age nostalgia

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