Mark Porter – On The Right Track

Release Name: Mark Porter – On The Right Track
Release Year: 2000
Identifiers: Endeavour 001
Format: CDr
Country of Release: United Kingdom
Genre(s): Easy Listening, Crooners, Jazz Pop

These kinds of self-produced, low-run and ultimately low-budget recordings often do find their way into charity shops. I was drawn to this particular one simply from this picture on the back – Mark you suave motherf’.

Mark’s suave-y suaveness doesn’t just stop with that saucy picture on the back. The music contained on this release are a good selection of classic crooners. Mark sings well, and the backing tracks are (for once) bloody decent, as Mark actually employed a proper band of musicians to play the music instead of relying on stock music from a late 80s keyboard from an Argos magazine. An entertaining and relaxing release to listen too. 4/5.

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