Jason Stewart ‎– Sincerely

Release Name: Jason Stewart ‎– Sincerely
Release Year: unknown
Identifiers: none
Format: CDr
Country of Release: United Kingdom
Genre(s): Pop

I try to avoid cursing or resorting to swear words these days when describing music but my god if there was a release that deserved it, it would be this.

OK, I’m sure that Jason’s heart was in a good place for this recording and I’m all for people following their dreams but this is just a prime example of your typical X-Factor auditionee. He can sort of sing but it’s just not very good, he doesn’t exactly have much vocal range and it just feels, tired. Like you want to say, Jason, mate just have a lie down if you’re feeling tired, don’t keep singing. But he will, he just keeps singing crooner after cliché crooner.

Oh, and the recording features those goddamned karaoke backing tracks. 1/5

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