Suris Bolivia Vol 1 – Kallawaya

Release Name: Suris Bolivia Vol 1 – Kallawaya
Release Year: 1997
Identifiers: none
Format: CD
Country of Release: Bolivia (?)
Genre(s): Latin, Chuntunqui, Tobas, Carnaval, Lambada, San Juanito, Salsa, T’inku, Kallawaya, Cumbia, Proyección, Huayño Salsa

I actually quite like this release.

I found this for a criminally low price in a local Cash Converters, 5p I think. To be honest, unsurprising as it is quite a niche item.

The CD contains 12 tracks of traditional music from Bolivia. Performed by one of four potential performers (the performers are not clearly linked to their respective tracks unfortunately); the performers are:

The music contained on the release is quite an interesting listen, and rather pleasant. The release is not as rare as I first expected as there are now 4 other sale listings for the item on Discogs, and I did sell my copy to a guy in Hampshire who was very excited to purchase the item as he had been searching for it for years.

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