Molyneux Jones ‎– Molyneux Jones

Release Name: Molyneux Jones ‎– Molyneux Jones
Release Year: 2003
Identifiers: none
Format: CDr
Country of Release: UK
Genre(s): R&B, Downtempo Electronic

So it turns out the vocalist (Ira Jones) is a local musician to me and has some minor success in the 1980s with reggae band Jah Warriors. After some research he appears to be a wedding singer/performer and also appearing at various local bars, pubs and restaurants performing a variety of tribute acts.

This release appears to be mostly original tracks with a mysterious co-creator going by the alias Molyneux. The album is 16 tracks of downtempo electronic with heavy contemporary R&B vibes. The copyright owners are listed on the list as being Molyneux, Jones and Boomtown – the latter of which is a local music festival, possibly where this release was distributed.

My verdict, it’s really not my cup of tea. If anything I really don’t enjoy listening to it, with the repetitive and utterly boring lyrics matched with the uninventive and inoffensive music compositions. Maybe a 2/5 as it is recorded/produced reasonably well at least.

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