Mitch & Mart ‎– Riser / Textured (Red)

Artist – Mitch & Mart
Release Year – 2001
Record Label – 
Red Not Bed
Format – 12″ Vinyl Single, Red colour
Promoting – Red alcopop drink
Theme – Trance, club music

An odd promotional release I found in a dusty record store in Braintree, Essex. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find much of any information about this promotional item, the performers or the product being promoted.

Very odd, I was amused by the B side label What’s going to fuel clubbers in 2001? 0800 614 869 for the inside track, as of the time of publishing this number is no longer in service; I guess I won’t be getting the inside track.


  1. Mitch & Mart – Riser
  2. Mitch & Mart – Textured

No way will these tracks ever show up on any streaming service – take my word for it when I tell you it’s pretty much inoffensive trance music…


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