Me, Myself and I – Who is Daniel Milner?

… and who gave him a website?

How do I write this without it sounding corny or like a dating profile…

I am a 20 something (speeding through this decade of my life at what feels like mach speed) living in North Essex, England. I have lived here for the whole of my life, and with that I know the area and the people well. I have a desire to eventually move away from Essex as I feel I have become tired of its quirks and sick of its downfalls.

I still live with my family at home, plus one dog. From my medium sized bedroom I run this website (although it is hosted elsewhere) and undertake all of the tasks such as archiving, creating, editing and developing that you may find throughout my projects.

I am employed as an IT professional at a local national company. I have enjoyed computers from a young age, and have been creating websites in one-manner or another since secondary school. Over the last 10 years I have begun to develop my skills and knowledge of web development to bring life to my dreams and projects; to which I have way too many.

My interests mainly surround the weird, the alternative and the off-beat. Eccentric, as some people may say. I love old computers, old software, old video games, old music, old film and just old crap. I am known in my friend circles for liking the stuff that other people would otherwise disregard as junk and have been given nicknames to represent this such as Mr. Garbage and Garbage-San along with my desk and bedroom being referred to as an Aladdin’s Cave of Crap or Garbage Town. Fear not, I don’t actually find pure garbage interesting and there are plenty things I consider trash that others see value in – however I do find plenty of things amusing that other people find… boring? Plenty of times when buying (yeah I amaze myself sometimes that I actually pay for some of this crap) items I get questions from the seller such as What exactly are you going to do with this? or I didn’t think anyone would enjoy these anymore to which I usually answer with something inane or vague to cover up the embarrassment I feel.

I am happiest when I am digging through boxes of stuff. Digging in car boots, digging in charity shops, digging in second-hand goods stores, digging in antique shops, digging at auctions or virtually digging on the internet (although nothing beats the real thing). I am not alone however, plenty of my friends are happy to dig alongside me – if they are in the mood that is. My friend Rob is as bad as me for picking up terrible video games for pennies, and he will often shower me with gifts of crap when I see him. My friend Evan and my friend Tom are always up for digging through music and film crates to find obscurities to enjoy. This addiction (let’s call it that) is nothing new, as I recall young memories being in charity shops looking for sweet diecast toys (to which I still have all of them).

I do have normal interests though – cooking, going to car shows, enjoying and fixing my cars, spending time with friends and family, watching normal TV and normal movies, listening to normal music and playing utterly normal video games.

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