Annie Mawson ‎– Angel Voices Ever Singing

Release Name: Annie Mawson ‎– Angel Voices Ever Singing
Release Year: 1996
Identifiers: AM001CD
Format: CD
Country of Release: England
Genre(s): Celtic, Harp Music, Religious/Gospel music

This is quite a nice example of an independent release done right. A properly pressed CD in a nice jewel case with a booklet to go with.

The music contained here is not really my thing however – religious music doesn’t evoke any kind of awakening or faith in me. But the production is good, so I can appreciate that.

Annie Mawson hasn’t disappeared completely from public view, like so many independent bands of the 90s. She still continues to make music and play, and operates a music based charity for disadvantaged individuals – she has even been recognised by royalty by receiving an MBE! How many people in the audio obscurities archive can attest to that eh?

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