Carol Vorderman’s Video Class National Curriculum Maths Level 6 13 14 Yrs

Release Name: Carol Vordeman’s Video Class – National Curriculum Maths: Level 6 13-14 yrs
Release Year: 1991
Identifiers: VCM 10003, 5021861100031
Language: English
Runtime: 1 hour, 32 minutes, 25 seconds
Topic(s): Maths, Educational, UK National Curriculum

The store I found this tape is since long gone. It was one of the only places left in the town where you could buy VHS tapes regularly. The store was a junk shop (no seriously) and always was teaming with video tapes, with plenty of them being obscure. I tried to pick up as many as I could over the two years they were in business, but space limitations stopped me.

This video find is great as many educational videos are usually scrapped/binned when the schools/educators are forced to update the curriculum. Videos like these are the memories of my childhood, everyone always used to get so excited when the TV trolley was in the classroom even if it was to teach something as utterly boring as maths. Although the content of this video is 100% utterly boring to watch, the way it is presented is what I find amazing. It is so pure early 90s with the editing, the music and the set; with a very young Carol Vorderman to boot.



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