Unknown Artist – Christmas Singalong

Release Name: Christmas Singalong
Release Year: 1998
Identifiers: PEG CD 176, GAS 0000176 PEG, 5034504217621
Format: CD
Country of Release: England
Genre(s): Christmas music

I would take a guess that there are easily a million, if not more, of these types of seasonal music CD’s out there. Cheaply produced and pumped out around the happiest time of year these CD’s fill supermarkets and discount stores, are purchased, played for all of an hour (or in the case of this CD 20 minutes), and then put away to never see the light of day ever again.

Yes, you heard me right – this CD contains only 20 minutes of audio. The rest of the CD is blank/unused. Most tracks are less than a minute in length, and they all are mixed together. No performer is given on the release (which is typical) however the CD doesn’t just contain instrumental music (which I had initially presumed). Instead there are actual singers, and performers present – just uncredited.

2/5 as the production isn’t terrible, but Christmas music is just so blergh and there isn’t even anything remotely unusual about this release.

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