Little Clacton Car Boot – May 2018

Amazingly this was the first car boot (OK actually second, but the first was so awful I discount it) I have been to this year. A nice warm day, a good selection of sellers and decent prices. I only took £10 with me this time (I normally take double this) as I wasn’t sure what I would find, and also to control what I could buy.

Purchase Location: Car Boot

Purchase Price: £10 (? units at £?ea)

New Collection / Queue Items:

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Re-seller Junk: 0

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Final Verdict:


Item List [Games]

Added to Collection / Play Queue

  • Aquarium [PC] I have so many PC and other video games to get through at the moment, I try and avoid buying too many more – but this just looked a really fun and interesting game. The game is in decent condition and includes the original manual.
  • Dawn of War Double Game Pack [PC] I have been meaning to pick up some of the Dawn of War games following many recommendations from friends. I managed to pick up this double pack for the price of just one game. Cracking.
  • Metal Arms [XBOX] I keep an eye out for original XBOX games as the system holds a special place in my heart. I’m not sure if this game is good or not, but I picked up as I haven’t played it before.
  • TrackMania [PC] Again I picked this one up only because I already have other TrackMania games and enjoy them. This appears to be the first release with all the bits and pieces inside.

Item List [Music]

Added to Collection / Listening Queue

  • Paramore – All We Know Is Falling
    Picked this up to fall in line with my nostalgia trip of buying CD’s from bands that I used to enjoy on my iPod during secondary school. I was fickle then and rarely listened to an album, so I recognize some of the tracks from this release. I enjoyed Riot! so hopefully this follows suit.
  • Pulp – Countdown 1992 – 1983
    I have enjoyed other CD’s from Jarvis Cocker’s band, so I thought I would pick this up as it was cheap.
  • Various – Take the A Train
    This CD was found by my friend who was with me at the car boot who is really into Jazz music. I am wanting to expand my horizons regarding music so I was interested in what he found too, he suggested this. After a first listen the CD quality is not as good as I had hoped, but will give it a few listens before making a decision.

Item List [Films]

Added to Collection / Watch Queue


  • Resident Evil [DVD]
    Stung again by not checking discs before buying – disc was so badly scratched that the DVD player struggled to even read the menu files.

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