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This is a post which covers my tastes in music throughout my teen years.

I have split the post into two major sections; secondary school and college as my tastes changed quite drastically when transitioning between the two.

Each section includes an introduction to give you an idea of who I was at this time in my life. After this description there is a list of tracks that I was listening to at the time. Some tracks/albums have a link to a seperate post which explains why that track is special or what it meant to me at the time (to the best of my memory). Unfortunately the iPod I used at the time has since been wiped and so I will update this post infrequently with tracks that I come across that I know I was listening to at the time and had some kind of relevancy. Some tracks stand-out more than others, but each are equally important in telling my story.

Secondary School

This covers mainly years 10 and 11. Covering the 14-16 year old age bracket. These are the years when my body is changing the most, I am having a perpetual identity crisis. I am hopelessly involving myself with girls that have precisely zero interest in me. I am ignoring clear advances from other girls who were probably a safer bet. I am struggling with the pressures of the road ahead and succeeding with my peers. The bullying and ostracisation that was present throughout my childhood is at an all time peak, and I feel that I am out to give it to the man, all while trying to not upset my mum too much. I’m trying new things; new looks and new styles all in an attempt to fit in with my friends group (which at its peak ends up being about 30 misfits from schools across the town). I begin writing terrible poetry, scoring my favourite song lyrics into my text books and finding myself daydreaming and fantasizing more than focusing on the work ahead.

I think, and this goes for many a young man out there at this period of his life, that the main driving force behind the music I listened to at the time was the opposite sex. I loved songs about being heartbroken, and being deceived. Something that would only get worse in the second part of my teenage years. I became infatuated with girls from the slightest bit of attention, mixed emotions and messages flying everywhere. My only answer to this, was to find the most obnoxious and painful music I could think of at the time.

Prepare for a lot of pop-punk, emo, screamo, shit post-hardcore, nu-metal and alternative metal.

Individual Songs:

Entire Albums:

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