[MoM] Emery – In Shallow Seas We Sail & The Weak’s End

The Weak’s End was the first album that I listened to from Seattle band Emery. Although many refer to them as post-hardcore I personally feel they were a bit more emo and screamo in comparison to the other offerings available at the time. The stand-out track from both albums for me would have to be As Your Voice Fades I used to think this (and partially still do) track was the absolute bees-knees for the way it started off so quietly and then slammed you in the face with a hearty scream WHY DID YOU DIE? Looking back on it I really don’t know what that lyric had so much importance to me, to the point that I am pretty convinced I etched it into a workbook of mine (along with so many others). Another track that I would say stands out would have to be A Sin to Hold On To from In Shallow Seas We Sail which is a bit more melodic in its composition; this is probably a track that I would have imagined myself singing to my crush of the month.

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