[MoM] Glassjaw – Motel of the White Locust

I used to think I was quite cool for finding this song. Glassjaw weren’t really a big thing in my circle, and that’s not really any surprise. It was a DJ of a local under-18s alternate club who posted this to his Facebook. In hindsight I do find it amusing that there was a nearly 40 year old man still listening to what might be one of the most emo songs that I have in my library. This was for the longest time the only song by Glassjaw that I had heard, it wouldn’t be until 2018 that I would actually listen to the album in full; it wasn’t worth it.

For some disturbing reason teenage me used to find the penultimate verse (before the repeated outro line) the most enticing:

It’s sexual debauchery you fucking cunt
you fucking whore you cost what you’re worth
Followed by a boy like this.
Re-ignited by all your visits.
As long as your mouth is shut
you’ll still be fucking beautiful.

I would often listen to this soon after being rejected in some way by the girl I was crushing on at the time. A song purely for some kind of demented therapy?

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