Asuka 120% Burning Fest. Special (SLPS-00231)

Before my trip to Japan in 2018 I made an effort to research some Japanese-only game titles that I might try and seek out. It didn’t take long before I had a list of about 20 games which I felt was more than enough (although I ended up bringing back close to 40 games in the end).

Most of these titles were of the racing game kind. Racing games and RPG’s are currently the games that I enjoy the most, however RPG’s rely heavily on text to progress the story and involve the player. Unfortunately, for as much as I would like to be able to, I cannot read or speak any Japanese meaning that plethora of JRPG’s that are available in the Japan-only video game market are lost on me. Of course I didn’t want to bring home just racing games so I made a point to throw in some other genres that I enjoy, but maybe I’m not very good at. One of these titles was Asuka Burning Fest, which is a 2D fighting game where you play as a series of school girls fighting for something.

I’ll be brutally honest I have only played about an hour of this game, and it is good fun but as I know from my friend who is fighting game mad; it takes a long time to become good at fighting games.

I didn’t manage to find this in Japan so I had to buy it using a proxy shipping service on my return. As with many PlayStation games in Japan it didn’t cost that much.

Purchase Location[?]: Japan (via PSS)
Purchase Price[?]:
112円 (£0.77 [at time of Publish])
Media Condition[?]: Mint (Disc is completely clean of any marks)
Sleeve Condition[?]Mint
(Sleeve is in great condition with no marks or discolouration)
Manual/Inserts Condition[?]Mint
(It appears that all manuals and inserts are present and are in fantastic condition)
Played[?]: Yes
Completed[?]: No

Item Details

Title: Asuka 120% Burning Fest. Special
Original Title: 
あすか120% スペシャル BURNING Fest.
Family Soft.
Fill in Cafe
Release Year:
Sony PlayStation
Identifiers (e.g. Barcode):
SLPS-00231 [Catalog Number], 4988709100022 [Barcode]


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