Vauxhall Astra Mark 2 (1984-1991)

This is a post where I will share various bits of information regarding the second generation of the Vauxhall Astra – including adverts, articles, forum posts, pictures, media appearances and more.

The second generation (sometimes referred to as the Mark II) Vauxhall Astra was produced between 1984 and 1991. It was a very popular car in the United Kingdom and I recall my mother owning one during my childhood. Our previous car, a Honda Accord was sold and she purchased a white F-reg Astra Swing from a family member – apparently I cried when I sat in it, wanting the Accord back.

Although my memories of this car are now faint, I have a strange nostalgia for this generation of Astra; mainly as few examples still exist on the road today.

The car was sold throughout Europe as the Opel Kadett and in South Africa as the Opel Kadette (for 5dr body styles) and Opel Monza (for 4dr body styles).


Media Appearances

Notable Registrations (VRNs)

The following vehicle registration numbers could be considered notable for their appearances in magazines, brochures, newspapers, adverts, television programmes or films.


This registration plate appears on a white Vauxhall-badged (registered as a Bedford) Astra panel van sporting a RAC recovery livery. The car appears in this promotional image for RAC breakdown, and can be seen rescuing a Ford Orion (G672CEV). Both cars in this image do not appear to be taxed or have a valid MOT, neither vehicle has any MOT history available on the public database.


Notable Forum Posts


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