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Baby Sitter is the sixth episode of Romuald The Reindeer.

The synopsis for this episode from the BBC home media release is:

Poor Romuald is worn out trying to look after his little sister, Ulrika. He soon realises he is fighting a losing battle…

The synopsis for this episode from the Radio Times Isse 3791 (19th September 1996) is:

First of a 13-part animated series about a family of reindeer. Today, Romuald looks after his sister Ulrika.

The synopsis for this episode from the Radio Times Isse 4020 (15th March 2001) is:

Romuald looks after his little sister.

The synopsis for this episode from the Radio Times Isse 4162 (18th December 2003) is:

Romuald babysits his sister.

Lost Status

The episode is considered Found as it appears on the BBC home media release Adventures with Romuald The Reindeer (BBCV 6934, 1996).


The episode can be found in full on the BBC home media release Adventures with Romuald The Reindeer (BBCV 6934, 1996).

Episode Details

Title Card

Air Date

The first air date is 24th September 1996 (as stated on the sleeve of the BBC home media release BBCV 6934). This is also backed up by an entry on the BBC’s Genome project.

The last air date is thought to be 31st December 2003, as per this entry on the BBC Genome project.

The episode was also broadcast on the following dates:


The episode runs for 10 minutes.


As it appears within the media

  • Written By Roger Planer
  • Voice Cast Nigel Planer, Howell Evans, Julie HigginsonJonathan KiddChristian Rodska, Arthur Smith, Mollie Sugden, Kenneth WallerEmma Wray
  • Character Design Robert Brown, Chris Glynn, Andrew Offiler
  • Storyboard Andy Janes, Adrian Jenkins, Wayne Thomas
  • Layout Tom Bailey, Christophe Barret, Jean-Louis Garcia, Adrian Jenkins, Lionel Kerjean, Mathilde LaFabrie
  • Backgrounds Dale Edna Evans, Mike Hill, Graham Howells, Dominque Kerjean, Michel Simon, Theresa Whatley
  • Animators Jean-Charles Andre, Les Brooksbank, Robert Brown, Gilles Burgard, Mike Coles, Laurence Commeyras, Nigel Davies, Jean-Claude Dandrieux, Sega Favre, G.B.H., Ken Hayes, Dick Horn, Steve John, Arril Johnston, Lionel Kerjean, Mathilde LaFabrie, Lionel Luca, Alexis Madrid, Nicola Marlborough, Joe McCaffrey, Les Orton, Gary Owen, Phil Parker, Mike Price, Manuel Rodriguez, Jose Solis, Wayne Thomas, Hugh Workman
  • Assistants Kamal Aitmihour, Toni Ardolino, Simon Bradbury, Mark Burnel, Lynda Castangia, Chris Evans, Sylvie Gorris, Catherine Halvick, Sandrine Herve, Serge Jupin, Stephanie Vignal, Remy LeBoissetier, Mark Lewis, Oliver Martigne, Antia Marquarot, Colas Mermet, Beniot Milhorat, Sue Paton, Pascale Rodriquez, Brian Rogers, Valerie Solis
  • Line Test Eric Arnaud, Tim Francis, Yves Francon, Dean Roach, Jean-Paul Rossard, Christine Sirotti, Martyn Yates
  • Checking Marie-Christine Campana, Dominique Lenoble, Marie Sheard
  • Supervisor Paint and Trace Martyn Yates
  • Colour Models Jacqui Miller
  • Painters Robin Butler, Matthew Maggs, Jacqui Miller, Andrew Putterill, Nicola Stockford, Inez Stoodley, Samantha Yates
  • Compositor Robin Butler, Lee Jones, Tom Pettith
  • Production Co-ordinator Maithe Laurent
  • Production Assistant Carole Debaere
  • Production Secretary Julie Stenner
  • Production Accountancy Chris Mortimer, Jackie Price
  • Production Runner Emma Phillips
  • Video Post-Production Derwen
  • Voice Recording Saunders & Gordon
  • Track Laying and Sound Mix The Soundworks
  • Music Production John McBurnie
  • Doo-wop Vocals John McBurnie, Amanda Driver, Roger Planer
  • Studio Manager Lynne Stockford
  • Production Manager Mary Pollinger
  • Unit Director Henri Heidsieck
  • Story Editor Andrew Offiler
  • Music Roger Planer
  • Programme Associate Michael Carrington
  • Executive Producer Patrick Moine
  • Executive Producer Mikael Shields
  • Executive Producer Steve Walsh
  • Created By Robin Lyons
  • Created By Andrew Offiler
  • Production Company Siriol Productions
  • Production Company La Fabrique
  • Director Wayne Thomas
  • Producer Robin Lyons

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