Ford Focus WRC – Realtoy Model

This is the first Realtoy model that I will be covering in these series of posts. I don’t have many models from this manufacturer, as I would often consider them to be inferior or cheaper than say Matchbox or Hot Wheels. From what I can remember these cars were often sold in supermarket chains and were priced less than the competing products. However with this considered, this is actually a reasonably well made and designed model of the real car.

I have owned a MK1 Ford Focus in my lifetime and would say that the proportions and details that feature on this model are rather accurate to the real thing. This is something that a lot of these cheaper models can struggle with as they often can seem bulbous or slightly off.

Focusing on the aforementioned details the model includes details such as wing mirrors, moulded roof scoop, roof spoiler, moulded aftermarket front bumper with grille, rear fog lights, fuel filler cap and door handles.

Taking to the interior of the car which is visible through the clear window glass, you can see that Realtoy have really put in some work to achieve an accurate interior – more than can be said about some of the more expensive models. The dashboard has the clear sweeping lines of the iconic Focus interior, with a fully moulded steering wheel. The base of the interior sports a silver gray colour and in true WRC fashion the rear seats have been removed. The car features two red moulded bucket seats with holes for harnesses to be fitted. This level of detail, along with the three contrasting colours of the interior, really bring the level of quality of this car up much higher than one would normally expect from a Chinese brand.

The model sports a bold red paint job with a fantasy livery. The paint job both accentuates some of the more minute details along with cheapening the overall feel of the car. Regarding the former the painted taillights really help to make the model feel like a real car, however not the same can be said about the headlights which simply look wrong. The inclusion of the blue and silver ford badges (which clearly state Ford) are very nice, along with the rear number plate being replaced by the Focus logo – these are details which again are usually reserved for more expensive models. However going back to the latter issue of cheapening the feel the livery could be improved. The silver flames look out of place on a rally car, and look more like a livery suited for a street racing model. The generic Racing TeamWorkshop and High Quality Wheels sponsor stickers are also disappointing and don’t really fool anyone into thinking they could be genuine.

The model has a decent weight (40g) but has a hollow feel. This is likely caused by the inclusion of a plastic base which is held in with one rivet towards the front of the vehicle. The wheels are of a 5-spoke star pattern style and have an inherently cheap feel to them, although the model does roll nicely. No suspension is present either, meaning the model could be susceptible to bent axles.

Regarding condition my model has held up well over the years. No bent axles, and the paint job still holds up well. There are some paint errors/chips on the rear spoiler, but aside from that it is pretty much as it left the factory.

Model Status – In Collection 

Model Details

Model Manufacturer Realtoy
Model Scale 1/65 (?)
Year of Manufacture/Copyright Unknown
Country of Manufacture China
Model of Ford Focus MK1 WRC
Identifiers none
Variant/Speciality WRC
Colour Red
Decals Racing Team livery – no licensed brands
Feature No feature
Body Material Die-cast metal
Base Material Plastic
Base Colour Black
Interior Material Plastic
Interior Colour Silver/Red
Glass Colour Clear
Wheel Material/Style Plastic
Suspension No


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