Hairbrush Divas 2 – Compilation to Spotify

In this series we look to preserve compilations by introducing them to the world of streaming music services, namely Spotify. These compilations are not available on Spotify at the time of publish, so we compile a playlist of the tracks and make it public.

This time we are looking at a 2004 double compilation from Warner Music which contains 40 tracks of “music you just have to sing along to”. The compilation is presented by, now defunct, radio group CenturyFM Network.

As was common with many of these big label compilations the booklet contained a list of codes that could be used to download polyphonic ringtones. Although this service is now guaranteed to be offline, here they are:

Artist Title Code
Ronan Keating Life Is A Rollercoaster 8057
Tiffany I Think We’re Alone Now 8058
Sugababes Round Round 8059
Kool & The Gang Ladies Night 8060
Destiny’s Child Independent Women Part I 8061

The instructions are “Text HAIRCD then a space and then the item code for the tone you want to [recieve]”.

Originally released on CD.

Spotify Playlist

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