Car Terms in Japanese (For the ‘Gram)

One thing that I do humbly enjoy about the modern world with all the constant on-demand connectivity to the world wide web (does anyone even call it that anymore?) is the ability to connect, even for a fleeting moment, with people of similar interests in far flung places such as Asia, North and South America and Oceania. For the most part we can communicate through what is often considered the global language, English – but for some they either can’t speak the language or maybe simply don’t feel as confident in it.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time here on this website reading my ramblings and thoughts will know that I truly adore the nation of Japan. Not to fall into the trappings of Internet sub-culture and define myself as some kind of Japan is the only great country weaboo-ism, because in my true opinion no country is best but England still is (and always will be) home – but I do really enjoy a lot of the products and items of culture of the far flung Asian nation namely their car culture.

I have found some great Instagram profiles simply by moving away from the tired and popular English hashtags by instead trying some terms, manufacturers and/or brands in Japanese. This really opens up some of the more pure content of people like myself who just love cars and gives me a peep hole into their lives (it also acts as a soothing therapy between each trip!).

For about a year now with each post to Instagram about cars I have always tried to include a Japanese hashtag to try and reach out to these profiles and to facilitate this I have been using a list I made on my own and keep in the Google Keep application. However today I thought that it would probably be a good idea to share this list with everyone else so that you too can try these hash tags and see who you connect with.

How It Works

I will split this page into a few sections to try and help with navigation. The first section will be about manufacturers (marques) and then a list of models underneath. The second section will be about car related terms including names of tuning companies and aftermarket product manufacturers. The last and third section will be for general car terms, things like sports car, supercar etc.

How To Help

The first thing to do to help is to use these hash tags, let’s help make a more connected world with these often dubbed toxic social media tools.

The second thing is to help me fix any typos, incorrect translations or contribute additional hashtags. To do this simply comment at the bottom of this page, I will respond to let you know when I have actioned your change.

How Do I Do It

I don’t speak Japanese. I’d love to, actually at the time of writing I am purely mono when it comes to language ability (like so many Britons) but alas things may change one day.

In the meantime I do make the most of the tools of the Internet. Not so much Google Translate (although very useful in it’s own right), I instead prefer to pull these translations directly from resources such as the Japanese language Wikipedia. I then cross check if they make any sense by pumping them into my own Instagram account, if there are correct search results (i.e. Honda Today’s appear when I search トゥデイ) then I will add them to the list.

How To Use This Information

Most of you will likely be on smartphones, simply perform a long hold/press over the Japanese text and the whole phrase should become highlighted. Then from the context menu that appears choose Copy, and then simply Paste it into the description or comment of your Instagram post. Easy-peasy.

Most of the time I find better results when using tags separate. For example for Toyota Celica I would tag # トヨタ (Toyota) and #セリカ (Celica). If you want to combine the manufacturer and the model into one tag then just like in English you simply add the terms one after each other. However you may sometimes see the terms separated with a ‘ ・’ (example トヨタ・セリカ) however these tags either don’t exist or are rarely used, this format is often used for articles of book titles. Some terms may already include the manufacturer name, certainly for models which are just numerical (example 740, 360, 318i) – when this happens I will note the literal translation (lit. translation).

You can also use this table to help you:

  • Find interesting hashtags to follow on any social media website that has a big Japanese population (not just Instagram, although I don’t cross check tag popularity on other services)
  • Perform Google searches (or Bing if that’s your flavour) to find articles about that car or car term
  • Lookup articles on the Japanese language Wikipedia (although it does often have reasonably effective English indexing)
  • Find videos of your car on YouTube (or similar video sharing service)
  • Help find interesting books, magazines, brochures or even parts on proxy shipping services such as FromJapan or Buyee.
  • Help translate articles or documentation that may be in Japanese, however Google Translate is a tool (plus a good basic understanding of the Japanese language syntax) best suited for this.

Manufacturers and Models

Japanese manufacturers first.

Daihatsu (ダイハツ)

English Japanese Notes
Daihatsu ダイハツ
Cami キャミ Covers the Terios model, actually a Toyota in Japan
Cuore クオーレ
Duet デュエット


Honda (ホンダ)

English Japanese Notes
Honda ホンダ
Accord アコード
Accord Coupe アコードクーペ
Accord Euro Type R アコードユーロR
Ascot アスコット
City シティ
Civic シビック
Civic Coupe シビッククーペ
Civic Ferio シビックフェリオ Japanese name for theCivic Saloon and Civic Sedan
Civic Shuttle シビックシャトル
Civic Type-R シビックタイプR
Concerto コンチェルト
Grand Civic グランドシビック Popular tag for various popular street/race spec Civics (EF, EG, FN)
Inspire インスパイア
Integra インテグラ
Legend レジェンド
Jazz フィット Covers:
Motocompo モトコンポ
Prelude プレリュード
Saber セイバー
Today トゥデイ
Torneo トルネオ
Type-R タイプR
Vigor ビガー

Isuzu (いすゞ)

English Japanese Notes
Isuzu いすゞ
Asuka いすゞアスカ The tag アスカ also exists but brings up a lot of results for Asuka Langley Soryu a character in the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise.
Florian Asuka フローリアンアスカ This only covers the first generation Isuzu Asuka (JJ 110/ JJ 120 / JJ510)

Lexus (レクサス)

English Japanese Notes
Lexus レクサス

Nissan (日産)

English Japanese Notes
Nissan 日産
Fairlady Z フェアレディZ Covers:
Almera アルメーラ
Avenir アベニール
Auster オースター
Bluebird ブルーバード
Cedric セドリック
Cefiro セフィーロ
Cherry チェリー
Cima シーマ
Exa エクサ
Gazelle ガゼール
Gloria グロリア
Hakosuka ハコスカ This is the popular tag for the C10 (1968-72) Skyline covering the GT-R model.
Largo ラルゴ
March マーチ Covers:
Maxima マキシマ
Patrol 日産パトロール Lit. translation is Nissan Patrol, but the tag for Patrol (パトロール) covers things such as patrol dogs and other non-car related stuff.
President プレジデント
Primera プリメーラ
Sentra セントラ
Sleighty シルエイティ
Silvia シルビア
Skyline スカイライン Another tag exists, スカイラインジャパン (lit. translation Skyline Japan) that is also semi-popular.
Skyline RS Turbo スカイラインrsターボ
Stagea ステージア
Stanza スタンザ
Sunny サニー
Sunny Coupe サニークーペ
Sunny RZ-1 サニーRZ-1
Vanette バネット
Vanette Largo バネットラルゴ
Violet バイオレット
Zagato ザガートステルビオ

Mazda (マツダ)

English Japanese Notes
Mazda マツダ
Capella カペラ Covers 626
Familia ファミリア Also includes a lot of posts about “Family”

Mitsubishi (三菱)

English Japanese Notes
Mitsubishi 三菱
360 三菱360 Lit. translation Mitsubishi 360
Aspire アスパイア
Colt コルト
Diamante ディアマンテ
Eclipse エクリプス
Galant ギャラン
Galant Fortis ギャランフォルティス
Lancer ランサー
Lancer Evolution ランサーエボリューション
Mirage ミラージュ Covers some “Colt” models, check Wikipedia

Subaru (スバル)

English Japanese Notes
Subaru スバル
360 スバル360 Lit. translation is Subaru 360. Otherwise you could just tag ‘360’
Alcyone アルシオーネ Covers the Subaru XT, XT6 and Vortex nameplates.
Forester フォレスター
Impreza インプレッサ
Justy ジャスティ
Legacy レガシィ
Leone レオーネ
Sambar サンバー
SVX アルシオーネSVX Strictly translates to Alcyone SVX, but covers the ital / Giugiaro designed SVX 1991-97

Suzuki (スズキ)

English Japanese Notes
Suzuki スズキ
Alto アルト
Cappucino カプチーノ
Cara キャラ
Ignis イグニス

Toyota (トヨタ)

English Japanese Notes
Toyotoa トヨタ
Altezza アルテッツァ This tag could also be used on 1st gen. Lexus IS posts.
Aristo アリスト This tag could also be used on 1st and 2nd gen. Lexus GS posts.
bB ビービー This will also show pictures of baby animals.
Cami キャミ Known as Daihatsu Terios (1st Gen) in other countries.
Camry カムリ
Carina カリーナ
Celica セリカ
Celsior セルシオ This tag could also be used on 1st and 2nd gen. Lexus LS posts.
Century センチュリー
Chaser チェイサー
Corolla カローラ
Corolla Fielder カローラフィールダー
Corolla FX カローラfx
Corolla Levin カローラレビン
Corona コロナ
Cresta クレスタ
Crown クラウン
Crown Majesta クラウンマジェスタ
Curren カレン
Cynos サイノス Japanese nameplate for Paseo
Mark II マークII
Passo Sette パッソセッテ
Pixis Space ピクシススペース
Porte ポルテ
Publica パブリカ
Rush ラッシュ
Sera セラ
Sienta シエンタ
Sprinter スプリンター
Sprinter Trueno スプリンタートレノ This is the one you want for AE86 Initial D
Soarer ソアラ
Sparky スパーキー
Sprinter スプリンター
Starlet スターレット
Supra スープラ
Tercel ターセル
Vitz ヴィッツ Also covers Yaris

Rest of the World

A lot of these tags are on the unpopular/rare side, but can connect you with Japanese fans.

Acura (アキュラ)

Alfa Romeo


English Japanese Notes
Corvette コルベット



Ford (フォード)

English Japanese Notes
Capri カプリ
Crown Victoria クラウンビクトリア
Escort エスコート
Escort RS Cosworth エスコートRSコスワース
Falcon ファルコン
Fiesta フィエスタ
Focus フォーカス
Granada グラナダ
Mondeo モンデオ
Mustang マスタング
Pinto ピント
Probe プローブ
Sierra シエラ
Taurus トーラス
Thunderbird サンダーバード


English Japanese Notes
Countach カウンタック


Opel (オペル)

Pontiac (ポンティアック)

English Japanese Notes
Firebird ファイヤーバード
Trans Am トランザム

Mercedes-Benz (メルセデス・ベンツ)

Triumph (トライアンフ)

English Japanese Notes
Triumph トライアンフ Covers both motorcycles and cars.
Stag スタッグ Covers anything relating to “male deer”

Volkswagen (フォルクスワーゲン)

Volvo (ボルボ)

English Japanese Notes
Volvo ボルボ Covers cars and trucks
740 ボルボ740 Lit. translation is Volvo 740

Tuning Companies / Part Manufacturers

Tuning Companies

Part Manufacturers

English Japanese Notes
Advan アドバン Tyre brand by Yokohama
Yokohama 横浜ゴム Tyre manufacturer. Lit. translation is Yokohama Rubber. Avoid shortening to just 横浜 (Yokohama) as this tag is used for things relating to the city.

Assorted Car Related Terms

Body Styles

English Japanese Notes
Coupe クーペ
Light bus ライトバス

Car Shows/Events

English Japanese Notes
Auto Messe オートメッセ Lit. translation is Osaka Auto Messe. Can be expanded with the year (4 digit format) such as オートメッセ2019

Component Explanations

English Japanese Notes
Blowoff Valve (BOV) ブローオフバルブ
Supercharger 過給機 Unpopular tag. Seems to be used to also cover Turbochargers.
Turbo ターボ Generic turbo tag. For example used to describe not only the component but any vehicle which features a Turbocharger.
Twin-Turbo ツインターボ Covers any vehicle with two turbos.
Wastegate ウェイストゲートバルブ Very unpopular.

Driving / Racing Techniques

English Japanese Notes
Ditch Drop 溝落とし See also Groove Running
Donut ドーナツターン Lit. translation “donut turns”. Shortening to just ドーナツ will bring results for the sugary treat!
Drift Run ドリフト走行 Could cover just general drifting. Mainly used for drift racing more than “drift spec”
Groove Running 溝走り Unpopular tag. See also the more popular Ditch Drop.


English Japanese Notes
5 Doors 5ドア
Abandoned Car 放置車両 Covers cars that have been left standing for long periods of time or are scrap/salvage.
Car Covered in Grass 草ヒロ This term is a Japanese term for scrapped/abandoned vehicles left in fields. Quite an obscure tag but very popular. This blog (Japanese) explains a bit more.
Initial D 頭文字D Popular Japanese anime/manga.
Motorsport モータースポーツ General term for any motorsport. Not very popular.
Old Car Heaven 旧車天国 Seems to also cover Classic car shows.
Scrapped Car 廃車 Also used for anything rusty, abandoned, junk, salvage, beater
Scrapped Car with Scenery 廃車体のある風景 Similar to Car Covered in Grass, this tag refers to abandoned cars that are in interesting locations.
Showa Period 昭和 Often tagged on classic cars made pre-1989, the year when the Showa period ended (Wiki English).

Race Tracks

English Japanese Notes
Twin Ring Montegi ツインリンクもてぎ Could also be used for people trying to refer to “Montegi Ring”

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