AHF Winter Half Price Sale Advert (1997)

The advert begins with an interior shot of an AHF furniture store showroom. The narrator begins quickly reeling off the ranges included in the sale. The shot changes depending on what range is being described. The shot changes to carpets to cabinets then to beds. The advert ends with an exterior shot of an AHF furniture store showroom.


Year of First Broadcast 1997
Country of Broadcast United Kingdom
Primary Language Featured in Advert English
Duration of Advert (mm:ss) 0:12
Brand Advertised AHF
Product(s) Advertised AHF Furniture Store
Slogan Used Not present


The advert features muted fanfare music which is mostly inaudible due to the narrator.

Notable Characters

There are no notable characters or appearances in this advert.


Timestamp Speaker Script
0:00 Voiceover The massive AHF winter sale starts tomorrow. There’s half price suites, half price carpets, half price cabinets and half price beds. In the massive AHF winter sale. Starts tomorrow 10 AM sharp.

My Comments

Although this advert is rather short (most of these adverts for Christmas sales often are) I do love how dated this advert is. It reminds me of those Microwave cooking books you see in charity shops where everything has a strange warm glow to it.

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