British Airways Club World ‘International Business Meeting’ TV Advert (1988)

This advert shows a business meeting where 4 businessmen are trying to sabotage their visitors ambitions by causing him an unpleasant flight. However while they are explaining how they will achieve this, we see the businessman in question (businessman number 5) flying from New York to London via British Airway’s Club World flight class. The advert demonstrates the seating arrangements, and food that you will recieve by flying under this class. The advert ends with the targeted businessman arriving at the meeting very happy and well, having had a successful and pleasant flight – much to the dismay of the other businessmen. The advert then ends with a voiceover and animation of the globe with the British Airways logo and the text on screen New Club World on Long Haul Flights from 5th January.


Year of First Broadcast 1988
Country of Broadcast United Kingdom
Primary Language Featured in Advert English
Duration of Advert (mm:ss) 1:00
Brand Advertised British Airways
Product(s) Advertised Club World
Slogan Used The World’s Favourite Airline


There is no music featured in this advert.

Notable Characters

There are no notable characters or appearances in this advert.


Timestamp Speaker Script
0:02 Business Man 1 So 2 years in New York and he thinks he can tell us how to run things. Well, we won’t have it.
0:09 Business Man 2 It’s alright, I fixed things. He’s travelling over night on the red eye.
0:15 Business Man 3 Not First Class?
0:17 Business Man 2 Of course not, company policy.
0:20 Business Man 2 By the time he get’s here he’ll be exhausted.
0:28 Business Man 3 And he won’t have had time to incorporate those new figures I sent to him in his report.
0:30 Business Man 1 He’ll be hungry. And tired.
0:37 Business Man 2 I’ve arranged for the chauffer to bring him straight here. Not to the hotel.
0:40 Business Man 4 Like a lamb to the slaughter. Gentlemen.
0:46 Business Man 5 Morning!
0:47 Voiceover New Club World delivers the businessman ready to do business.
0:50 Business Man 1 Pleasant trip?
0:53 Business Man 5 Yes thank-you!
0:55 Voiceover New Club World from the world’s favourite airline.

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