Commodore Business Machines Starter Pack ‘Marching’ TV Advert (1989)

This advert advertises various different starter packs for Commodore Business Systems. The advert is driven by a big-band beat and people marching to the beat, to demonstrate how the starter packs guide you step-by-step through setting up and using your Commodore computer system. The advert demonstrates what comes in a Commodore starter pack including the computer itself, keyboard, monitor, three business programs and a step-by-step VHS guide.


Year of First Broadcast 1989
Country of Broadcast United Kingdom
Primary Language Featured in Advert English
Duration of Advert (mm:ss) 0:40
Brand Advertised Commodore
Product(s) Advertised Business Machines Starter Pack
Slogan Used Not present.


Marching music, composed unknown.

Notable Characters

There are no notable characters or appearances in this advert.

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