Hogg Robinson Travel ‘Hotel and Resort Inspection’ TV Advert (1991)

This advert shows Hogg Robinson Travel representatives visiting various hotels and holiday resorts with a clipboard, to demonstrate how the business check each location is suitable for their customers. The advert ends with a shot of a Hogg Robinson Travel agent shop with a “Recommended Resort & Hotel Guide” image superimposed over the top.


Year of First Broadcast 1991
Country of Broadcast United Kingdom
Primary Language Featured in Advert English
Duration of Advert (mm:ss) 0:20
Brand Advertised Hogg Robinson Travel
Product(s) Advertised Resort & Hotel Guide
Slogan Used Isn’t It Time You Checked Us Out?


Piano music plays throughout the advert, composer unknown.

Notable Characters

There are no notable characters or appearances in this advert.


Timestamp Speaker Script
0:00 Narrator It’s a matter of course to check out a new home or car. But how can you check out a holiday? Let Hogg Robinson do it for you. Hogg Robinson have inspected 250 resorts and 1,650 hotels popular with British holidaymakers. So you can inspect the reports at our shop when you book with us. Hogg Robinson Travel, isn’t it time you checked us out?

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3 thoughts on “Hogg Robinson Travel ‘Hotel and Resort Inspection’ TV Advert (1991)

  • 12th September 2019 at 12:31 pm

    Hi, I am the man in this advert for HRT, my role was marketing manager. This footage was originally shot for ‘Wish you were here’ travel programme featuring Judith Chalmers. It’s so refreshing to see it after all these years. BUT there is another advert which was shot I think before this featuring a family of four in a humourous way. The tag was ‘We tell you where to go, not where not to go’ and featured the Resort and Hotel Guide again. It was shot in London through our agency at that time called Bannerman and shown on the ITV Network. Can you help me find it please. Regards Ray Poynter.

    • 12th September 2019 at 8:23 pm

      Hi Ray, thanks for sharing this great bit of information with us. I do recall the Wish You Were Here TV programme, what happened to all those travel programmes hey?

      Of the content that I have still to upload I don’t have anything as early as this (although there are some undocumented tapes) – however I will certainly keep an eye out for it and let you know if I do come across it.

      Kind regards

      • 1st October 2019 at 11:30 pm

        Many thanks Dan, really appreciate any help you can give. The later ad was shown on national coverage in the UK it was a 30 second commercial.

        Any help would be great, ps I dont look a bit like that now….35 years does a lot to me. If you can find anything my email addy is rayhelicopter@hotmail.co.uk.
        Cheers Ray.


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