Legal and General ‘Subway Umbrella’ TV Advert (1988)

The advert shows different businessmen walking out of a subway in the rain. Each one has a different type of umbrella that fails for different reasons (too big, too small, holes). Eventually a businessman comes out of the subway with a rainbow coloured umbrella (like that of the Legal and General logo). All while this is happening the voiceover explains why the viewer should choose Legal and General for their personal pension.


Year of First Broadcast 1988
Country of Broadcast United Kingdom
Primary Language Featured in Advert English
Duration of Advert (mm:ss) 0:20
Brand Advertised Gillette
Product(s) Advertised Contour Plus
Slogan Used Now We’ve Made It Smoother


Silly jazz music plays throughout the advert, composer/performer unknown.

Notable Characters

There are no notable characters or appearances in this advert.


Timestamp Speaker Script
0:15 Voiceover If you’re in the market for a personal pension, of all the companies you could talk to we like to think we the brightest, amiable, capable, professional Legal and General.

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