Nissan Almera GTi ‘All Action Almera’ Advert (1996)

The advert is a parody of 70s “gangster/mobster” TV shows like The Sweeney and Starsky and Hutch. It starts with a young white male dressed up in 70s attire opening the door on a young woman having a bubble bath to whom he refers to as ‘Love’. This then cuts a boxing ring where the other “mobster” character of the advert has just landed a ‘knockout’ punch. He then turns to pick up a ringing two way radio. We cut back to the first “mobster” character who says goodbye to the woman he had previous walked in on explaining “Duty calls”. We then cut back and forth between the characters running towards each other – who then meet back to back where mobster 1 asks mobster 2 “see the car?” of which mobster 2 responds “Almera” to which mobster 1 adds “GTi”. We then cut to see a red Nissan Almera GTi with a private number plate “I66 SJT”. They then both shout “Let’s go” and proceed to roll over the car bonnet and “sneak” into the vehicle. The car then wheelspins off out of the warehouse where it was parked. We then cut to the Almera being driven down various city streets to which mobster 2 asks mobster 1 (the driver) to “go faster” to which mobster 1 responds that he is “doing nearly 30” – as in he is doing 30 mph which is a common speed limit in many built-up areas in the UK so isn’t very fast. Mobster 2 continues the speed joke by retorting “Naughty Boy” to mobster 1 driving the speed limit. Mobster 2 informs mobster 1 to turn left, to which Mobster 1 asks “Why?”. Mobster 2 responds “Litter, makes the car look good” – this shows us that the characters are aware of what they are doing is a joke and that cars in adverts are often shown driving through objects such as litter. The car then screeches to a halt with the camera taking focus on the front badges (Nissan and GTi badge). A “mobster boss” character then asks the two mobster’s “what time do you call this” inferring that they are late. Mobster 1 responds that they are late because of traffic problems. Mobster boss then walks towards the mobsters informing they “will never make professionals” all while opening his coat to show he is wearing a t-shirt that says Coach on it. Behind the mobster boss is a mini-van and a selection of football players – thus letting the viewer know that the two mobster characters are just football players wanting to quickly get to practice. Mobster 2 (now known as a football player) with his football boots around his neck states “neither will they” referring to the other players standing with the minivan. The advert then cuts to a green screen with the words “GTI THE ALL ACTION ALMERRA” superimposed, Mobster 1 and 2 read out this phrase and then follow up with “Tell me about it”. Then cuts to a final picture of the Almera GTi driving down the littered street to which the advert quickly cuts to a silent Nissan logo with the slogan “You Can with a Nissan”.


Year of First Broadcast 1996
Country of Broadcast United Kingdom
Primary Language Featured in Advert English
Duration of Advert (mm:ss) 0:30
Brand Advertised Nissan
Product(s) Advertised Almera
Slogan Used You Can With a Nissan


The advert features typical 70s funk music found in mobster/gangster TV shows, composer/performer unknown.

Notable Characters

There are no notable characters or appearances in this advert.


Timestamp Speaker Script
0:02 Mobster 1 Hi love
0:06 Mobster 1 Sorry love duty calls.
0:10 Mobster 2 Move it!
0:12 Mobster 1 See the car?
0:14 Mobster 2 Almera
0:14 Mobster 1 GTi
0:15 Mobster 1 and 2 Let’s go!
0:18 Mobster 2 Cover Me!
0:23 Mobster 2 Go faster!
0:24 Mobster 1 I’m doing nearly 30!
0:25 Mobster 2 Naughty boy!
0:26 Mobster 2 Turn left
0:26 Mobster 1 Why?
0:27 Mobster 2 Litter, makes the car look good
0:31 Mob Boss What time do you call this?
0:33 Mobster 1 Sorry guv’ traffic was murder
0:34 Mob Boss/Coach You’ll never make professionals
0:36 Mobster 2/Football Player 2 Neither will they
0:37 Voiceover The all-action Almera, tell me about it

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One thought on “Nissan Almera GTi ‘All Action Almera’ Advert (1996)

  • 2nd December 2020 at 8:31 pm

    Found your article after searching the web whilst reminiscing about this advert…. love the summery but have to say they aren’t Mobsters, they are definitely based on flying squad policemen Regan and Carter from The Sweeney. Neither the less brilliant to see the ad. Keep up the good work!


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