Nytol Herbal ‘Good Nytol’ Advert (1997)

The advert fades in from black into an animated green jungle, the camera sweeps forward to the right to reveal a pair of sleepy and worried animated eyes in the background. At the point the narrator says “Don’t Worry” the eyes focus forward and become alert. The camera zooms out and pans right, eyes appear and disappear in the background. The camera then stops and focuses on one pair of eyes, then when the narrator says “drift off into a natural sleep” the eyes begin to close in an exaggerated manner while the background turns dark. A selection of Z’s appear around the eyes. When the narrator says “Good Morning” the colour changes back to green, the Z’s are replaced by flowers and the eyes open. The advert ends with a box of Nytol Herbal appearing where the animated eyes were. The slogan “Good Nytol” then appears on screen.


Year of First Broadcast 1997
Country of Broadcast United Kingdom
Primary Language Featured in Advert English
Duration of Advert (mm:ss) 0:20
Brand Advertised Nytol
Product(s) Advertised Nytol Herbal
Slogan Used Good Nytol


The advert features ambient jungle sound effects, no music is present.

Notable Characters

There are no notable characters in this advert.


Timestamp Speaker Script
0:00 Voiceover It’s a jungle out there. But don’t worry now there’s a Nytol herbal as well with a combination of five herbs which traditionally help you to relax and drift off into a natural sleep.
0:15 Voiceover Good mornings follow good Nytol.

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