Renault 21 ‘You’ve Got the North’ TV Advert (1988)

The advert shows two businessmen. The first businessman tells the second businessman he is lucky because he has got the north (as in the northern part of the United Kingdom). We then cut to various shots of the Renault 11 taking the man around the north of the UK, where he stops near a lake. He then recieves a call from the first businessman who asks how he is doing with his work, to which the other businessman responds that he is working on it. The last shot of the car next to the late shrinks to display the Renault logo and slogan, There’s More To Life With Renault. A price is also displayed at the end of the advert with the text Renault 21 from £7,500 to £11,360 excluding number plates and delivery.

The number plate of the Renault 11 in this advert is E297GLF – it has been untaxted since 1st May 2002.


Year of First Broadcast 1988
Country of Broadcast United Kingdom
Primary Language Featured in Advert English
Duration of Advert (mm:ss) 0:40
Brand Advertised Renault
Product(s) Advertised 21
Slogan Used There’s More To Life With Renault


Soft jazz music plays throughout the advert, composer/performer unknown.

Notable Characters

There are no notable characters or appearances in this advert.


Timestamp Speaker Script
0:00 Man 1 Lucky man. You’ve got the North.
0:04 Man 2 There’s a lot of it.
0:30 Man 1 (Telephone) How are you doing with that data?
0:32 Man 2 Don’t worry, I’m on top of it.
0:36 Voiceover There’s more to life with Renault

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