So what’s the reason for this website come blog come personal project?

At its core this website exists to simply provide information in a manner that is clear and easy to understand and to be as accurate as it can be to benefit other people who may be doing research projects of their own for whatever purpose; academic or simply personal.

I am a big believer in maintaining history via archives and find the work that archives and museums perform around the world to be truly inspiring. Being inspired by their efforts I wanted to help myself, in my own way. To do that I originally started various projects that had quite a narrow focus – old TV adverts, old computer software etc. After becoming overwhelmed with a lot of projects still stuck in their infancy and thinking of new projects to start every day I took to starting a project that would encompass all of the things I like. As this project would be personal it would only make sense that the project name would feature my name and that is how dans-things.com came to be.

So on this website you will find a mixture of information along with various personal pieces, sometimes these are mixed together; although it should always be clear when the anecdotes stop and the information begins. To make sure the information is correct I always try to ensure that it is from primary research undertaken by myself – this means the information is coming from a physical item that I have in my possession instead of simply reiterating something I found online. If the information provided is not from a source that is in my possession then I will state it clearly and provide the source location for the information given.

I hope you enjoy what I have published on this website and please let me know via the contact form if there is anything I could look to improve upon or if any of the information I have provided here has helped you in any way.