Who is Daniel Milner and who gave him the right to start his own website!


My name is Daniel Milner I am the webmaster, editor in chief, designer, information gatherer and local internet madman of dans-things.com

The Purpose page under the About heading will explain a bit more about what this website’s purpose for being is, this page is more about the human behind it all without giving away too much hopefully.

The following will probably read like some kind of terrible Tinder profile, but I really can’t see any better way to achieve this:

I am a 20-something year old living in the East Anglia region of England.

I am an avid fan of computers, music, film and cars – this website will talk about all of these subjects and more.

I have a bad habit of dreaming up big projects and ideas, starting them and never finishing them.

I have been working in the IT support field for just under a decade now, working my way out from Sixth Form college through an apprenticeship and in a variety of roles at different companies.

I do have social media accounts but no I will not share them here just yet. If you have reached this website via one of these social media accounts you probably already know more about me than I need to put here.

If you are wanting to get to know me some more, stay around a while – read some of the articles, I’m sure there are some here that you’ll find interesting and most posts contain at least a snippet of information about me as a human being.

If you’re here to try and contact me, you’ll need to use the contact form.