Car Brochures and Promotional Materials

As anyone can probably believe being a promotional item and car nut I adore car brochures. These were the first thing I collected en-masse as a poor child – seeing as they were free to request from dealerships across the country. I have memories of sitting at my grandad’s Windows ME computer filling out these website forms requesting borchures for various car models and the excitement when they were later dropped through my door. I actually gave away my collection a few years ago due to space, but have always longed for them to be returned to me – certainly the high quality hard-back Mercedes Benz catalogues. Alas that is unlikely to happen now, so I started collecting again – picking brochures up cheap when at car boots, autojumbles and automotive related events.

For many cars made after 2008 you can easily find brochures for them online – however for anything before that it becomes a little more tricky. Below you will find a collection of brochures for cars that I have either digitised myself or found online. Each brochure will have its own entry and is hosted in PDF format on


  • 1998 Nissan Micra UK Brochure