Welcome to one of the parts of that I feel most passionately about.

This section concerns all aspects of computing – from old software, new software, desktop PC’s, laptops, PDA’s, mobile and smart phones, printers, scanners, peripherals, celebrating computer culture and more!

I have enough content surrounding me at home to keep just this section of the website going for my lifetime, so buckle up and dive in.

Video Games

I wouldn’t be a computer nerd if I wasn’t partaking in the age old hobby that is playing video games. Don’t get me wrong I love my consoles, I have many and a lot of games to boot – but there is something wonderfully special about PC gaming. This section concerns gaming on just PC, because for some nothing else can come close.

Celebration of Decades Past

This sub-section concerns all things old – software, hardware and culture. My interests in old computer technology starts around the introduction of Windows 95 – although I definitely enjoy tech that came before it I don’t have the nostalgia for it as much as I do between 1995-2006. 2006 doesn’t seem that long ago for many, but to consider that I was a mere 12 years old at that age it’s further way than one may first expect – and is only getting further and further away. Again as with pre-95 tech, my enjoyment and interests don’t stop dead in their tracks on the 31st December 2006 – I am currently pursuing an enjoyable career in IT, and still find the subject matter intensely interesting. Over the years I’m sure I will develop nostalgia for the years that followed 2006, but for now let’s keep things simple!