Computing of Yesterdecade

Here we are, one of my favourite subject matters of all time. Old computing.

Beige boxes, Windows 95-XP, old video games, CRT monitors, ball mice, geo-cities, flash powered websites, mobile phones with keypads, floppy disks and CD-ROM’s. It’s all covered here and more.

Because this section is so large I have broken it down further.

Old Software + Modern OS = ?

This series looks at the compatibility of old software from the 1990s and 2000s with modern operating systems, namely Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system Windows 10. Come with me in this series as we check to see how far back we can go with popular software from Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Serif and more!

Driver and Utility Pages

A series of pages of drivers and utilities for old computer hardware that I own, provided free of charge and without any hassle for you to keep these old dinosaurs rocking.

Desktop and Laptop System Recovery Media

A small project aimed to make recovery media available to public to keep their old systems working as intended!

Shovelware Showcase

A celebration of everything terrible about free software. An ode to cover mount CDs, cheap shareware compilations and software packages that just make you ask “why?”. Come and find out more and maybe rediscover some software from your past or discover some new software you’ll probably never use!

Computer Culture of Yesterdecade

Pretty much everything that doesn’t fit anywhere else. Posts which celebrate forgotten things like web design, clip-art and advertising.