Driver and Utility Pages

As many legacy computer enthusiast knows, these days with the amount of general trash online along with the general disregard for history from many hardware vendors, drivers are slowly becoming more and more difficult to obtain for devices of the XP era and before.

To assist my brothers and sisters in this plight to keep these old beige boxes rocking and not being turned into tin cans, I am sharing drivers for many of the devices that I own. All drivers provided here are as-is, they are without bloated (and possibly malicious) “downloaders” and are the real deal. I make no profit from redistributing these files, I am simply doing my bit to keep these devices operational.

Although I dream of being able to supply the masses with drivers for every device out there, that simply isn’t possible. So for the moment I am only providing drivers for hardware that I own or from media that I own.

Custom Packages

Desktop Computers

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