External Documentation Index

As part of the on-going objective to save, archive and document all things old I have taken the task to also preserve maybe one of the least interesting items – documentation.

The documentation I am covering in this section is of the electronic kind, namely that which is often presented in the form of a HTML or a CHM file. HTML files are simply copied across (checked as well for anything possibly malicious) and CHM files are converted to HTML.

I think it can prove helpful to keep this documentation available online for any who wishes to read or refer to it.

How It Works

The original files are extracted or converted from their source (normally a CD-ROM) and then copied over to my web server into a special directory named Ext_Documents.

The structure is maintained as best as possible to ensure navigation within the documents and for all elements (such as images) to display correctly.

To view an item of documentation choose it from the list below.

Documentation List

The following documents are to be viewed in your web browser and take on the format of HTM/HTML files.

Be warned, many of these webpages use HTML code that is potentially unsupported for modern browsers or are not intended to be viewed on high resolution screens. I have done my best to keep these “mini-websites” functional with images and links working correctly, however some of these documents may refer to external links that are no longer on-line.


One of the most popular formats for documentation is the trusty PDF. Below are a series of PDFs that I have gathered from my own collection and provide here for the educational use of my sites visitors.

Again similar to the HTML based documents above, many of these PDFs were generated many years ago and intended for use for with older PDF readers. Although they should have no issue displaying on a modern PDF reader, full compatibility cannot be assured.