Edutainment Showcase


video games, television programmes, or other material, intended to be both educational and enjoyable.

Under my Shovelware Showcase page I make a remark towards Edutainment titles often crossing the line between genuinely useful software and cash-grab garbage intended to fool well meaning parents and children from their money. Because this line is sometimes vague, and I don’t want to upset anyone by saying their beloved game of a childhood memory is garbage or enter any kind of strange Internet comment wars, I have created a separate showcase just for these types of titles.

In the short history of modern computing (which I guess starts sometime in the mid 1980s) we have moved from software being sold in a physical form in shops or catalogues to most software being delivered digitally. Edutainment, in the realm of video games or computer software, still exists today however it is often presented as a mobile game or interactive web page than a stand-alone item of software. For many nerds of my age we have fond memories of spending hours with these titles as they were seen to be good for our development, unlike those other video games. These were often software packages which intended to teach us maths, languages, science or typing skills using friendly (and often familiar) characters. I would say around the turn of the decade, 2010, these physical releases were pretty much nonexistent as many were embracing the content provided on-demand via faster internet connections.

So here we are, on this page you will find various edutainment titles that I have come across in my time. Similar to the Shovelware Showcase each page will give a bit of an overview of the release and may potentially include further overviews of the software included there within with screenshots and possibly even video capture.

I have split this list out into rough subjects to make browsing a little easier.


Computer Usage

Arthur’s Computer Adventure (The Learning Company, 2000)

English Language

Foreign Language

Maths (Mathematics)