Assorted Stuff

Below are posts about everything else. Stuff that doesn’t really fit into any other category, but I felt like sharing it.

7″ Single Company Sleeves

A gallery of company sleeves used by various labels over the years to ship and store 7″ vinyl singles in.

Old Book Gallery

A small gallery of old book covers that I think are neat.

Book Collection

A post listing the books I own.

Anti-Piracy Warning Gallery

A gallery of those pesky copyright/anti-piracy warnings you get with nearly every DVD, VHS or Blu-ray.

Home Video Cassette Gallery

A gallery celebrating the now wonderfully aesthetic designs of home video tapes.

CD/DVD Lens Cleaners (and Head Cleaners)

A list compiling a selection of lens and head cleaners together.

Video Title Corruptions Galleries

A selection of video galleries of a project I started in video title card corruptions. Check them out below: