TV Adverts Archive

I would come as no surprise to anyone spending any amount of time on this website to learn that I absolutely love old TV adverts. There is something truly nostalgic for me about them and find they are an extremely interesting and useful view into the recent past.

Around the start of 2010 I began my personal collection, taking digital copies of old VHS tapes and carefully editing out the adverts to keep. For years I toyed with different ideas and projects (one being named Advertopia) but simply found I did not have the time with everything else in my life to dedicate to the cause, however I felt a bit sad knowing that I had these little relics with no way of sharing them. Which is where this page comes in!

On this page you will find links to posts for various TV adverts that I have archived. On each page there will be a table of essential information about the advert such as when the record was broadcast, duration, products advertised and slogan used as well as a video clip of the advert (hosted on plus a description of the advert.

The adverts are listed below and arranged by year of broadcast, you can use the Find command in your web browser to search for specific brands or companies.