Music Collections

I often like to mentally (sometimes writing down) collect together releases (be it albums, compilations or singles) that follow a regular theme. Some of these themes are already well established such as UK Novelty Singles, whereas some are themes that I have created all by myself such as Mum Pop (and it’s sibling Yummy Mummy Pop).

Find the various collections below.

Mum Pop (and Yummy Mummy Pop)

Mum Pop is a theme that I came up with following a year of buying large hauls of CD’s from various sources and finding the same few worthless CD’s in each. CD’s which I feel are quintessentially mum music – inoffensive and nice.

Yummy Mummy Pop is a derivative of this – still popular and worthless CD’s but this time with a little bit of raunchiness to go with.

UK Novelty and Charity Singles

A page dedicated to the er, celebration, of novelty and charity singles which gained notable popularity throughout the nation, and was then promptly forgotten about. Disco Duck, Mr Blobby, Bob the Builder, Westlife – they’re all here.

Forgotten UK Singles

This collection brings together a series of singles that charted but then just fizzled out into obscurity and out of the public consciousness.