Compilations Track By Track

Compilations can be great things. I always love to use them to find out more about what was happening in music at certain period or movement. There are literally hundreds compilations for every theme and period and so with this it can become quite overwhelming. Not every compilation is alike, for example some offer better value for money than others.

With this in mind I thought of starting this little series where I look at the compilations in my collection or that pass me by and give a track-by-track overview of the release. Tracks are given one of three scores, using the wonderful symbolic language that are emoji’s.

? = Great track on this compilation, either it is a classic pop/rock anthem or maybe just a really good undiscovered secret I highly suggest these tracks off the compilation. Usually indicates that you should seek out more from this artist, band or the album it is from.

? = An OK track on this compilation, this track acts like filler – too many of these types of tracks and the value of the compilation ends up being nil.

? = A bad track, a terrible track – would probably be left out of a rip or skipped when played. Not many songs achieve this status, most of them are very much ‘OK’ but it’s good to have a critical nought score.

Preface: As this is the internet and some people leave their common sense at the door, keep in mind these are my opinions – like many of the aspects on this website. Just because I don’t like a particular track, artist, band, style, genre, movement – whatever; doesn’t mean you cannot.