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Almost 10 years ago now I had the chance to pick up a gentleman’s complete Official Windows XP Magazine collection – magazines and DVD’s included – for absolutely nothing. I, of course, jumped at the chance and coerced my mother to drive me down to his house and collect. This was probably the collection that started my downfall of collecting shovelware as he gave me more than just his collection but a few other bits of software and games he had.

Over the years I have dispersed the magazines and kept almost all of the DVDs and CDs. I have dipped in and out of the pile over the years, really whenever the moment took me, there are intentions to go through and cover all of them eventually but with what I have gathered the most interesting content on these discs are mainly the game demos and the promotional images.

Promotional images, that is what we are here for. What are they? Well some very clever person at Future publishing had the idea to place extremely high resolution images of the products they had featured in that issue on the discs. This is a great way of preserving high resolution images from a time when most images were rather small and heavily compressed. Well it’s 2019 now and most people are serviced by high speed internet connections and viewing content on screens with resolutions much higher than a middling 800 x 600 pixels – so I think its time to share these images with the world.

The items that feature are split out into seperate posts, this way you can quickly see the photos for just the items you care for.

Please understand that all of the photos presented here in this section are the copyright property of Future Publishing – they are provided here simply as a means of educating and informing. If you are the copyright holder and wish to discuss, please use the contact page.

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