Hello and Welcome!

Firstly thanks for visiting my website come blog come journal come public diary.

I’m sure you’re probably wanting to know what happens here – well a lot happens. Creating this website seemed to be the logical answer to my eternal urge to discover and share information about anything and everything. Prior to making Dans Things I had started many different small projects which simply became too much hassle or that I eventually lost interest with. So to remedy this I created this website where I can share pockets of information about things that I find interesting.

There isn’t any rigid schedule here, some days I may post 10 new things and sometimes there will be weeks with nothing. However, with each time I do post I am expanding the information store on the internet a little bit further (hopefully).

There’s a lot of things happening on Dan’s Things at the moment – check out the Recent Posts module on the right side to see what has happened lately. You can use the search bar to find things quickly or use the menu bar to simply browse.

My web design isn’t going to win any awards anytime soon, but I do try and keep things easy to read, understand and follow. Be prepared to find a lot of lists, tables and galleries.

The following sections are for me the most interesting areas of the website:

My Video GameĀ Collection

A comprehensive catalogue of my video game collection (physical and digital), with detailed pages for each physical game.

My Model Cars Collection

A lengthy and detailed series of pages about model cars that I own, or have at some point owned – with high resolution photographs and detailed descriptions.