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Search and Destroy – Albums I Hate Finding In The Wild

This is quite a mean spirited post. As someone who enjoys searching for music in the wild (it just isn’t the same online) I have spent hours upon hours sifting through dirty, dusty boxes and tubs of CD’s, records and tapes to find something I like, find interesting or is worth reselling.

Through these hours, that probably now amass days worth of my life, I have experienced the tiresome side-effect from digging; constantly finding nothing but complete shit.

This is a cry for help. A public service announcement. For the love of christ, and all things that are holy, for your children, for your children’s children, for your communities, for the fate of the human race STOP DONATING / SELLING THESE GODDAMN RELEASES.

I don’t care if it’s mint condition. I don’t care if its still sealed. I want you, the reader, if you come across these items DESTROY THEM. Don’t be part of the problem, as much as you might think you’re helping someone, you are not DESTROY! DESTROY! DESTROY!

Anyway, on with the post…

Badly Drawn Boy CDs

Fuck me. Look, I get that there are bands and artists of every genre that seem to annoy people for their general middle of the roadness but I think Badly Drawn Boy takes the fucking piss.

As someone who enjoys the crop of indie rock and pop that came out in the 2000s, the amount of damn times I have come across these stupid CD’s by this stupid man is infuriating. Before I realised how many exist in the world, I simply thought I could resell them. NO. No-one wants them, they are just so fucking monumentally boring releases to listen to I’d rather watch paint dry.

Clearly the lad’s albums have no real lasting potential, seeing as they seem to litter charity shops, boot sales and boxes of CD’s everywhere in the country.

We should only stop until the point that you come across a Badly Drawn Boy CD maybe once a year, once a lifetime would be sufficient.

Budget Easy Listening CDs and Records

OK I think that there are some great voices of yesteryear, some that people will simply refer to as oldies. And there are plenty of very good releases out there that contain their best work, usually in high fidelity – sometimes even remastered.

Well unfortunately for the rest of us, bottom feeding budget labels often pick up the now public domain recordings of these artists and put them onto 10-12 track CD’s. The audio quality can range from OK to fucking downright awful. The packaging, as with all budget releases, is lacking and might as well be non-existent. Releases covered in incorrect information or typos.

The problem is that the world’s grandma’s and grandad’s kept buying these damn cheap shit CD’s from their local supermarkets and outlet stores, filling their own houses with them only for a house clearance company to take them once they pass, and put them in damn charity shops. I want to stop on these CDs.

They are so damned worthless. STOP PUTTING THEM INTO CHARITY SHOPS.

And then, in the odd situation where grandpapa and grandmama kept their vinyl records (and good on them) – get ready to also fill the charity shops with unmovable dead stock of shit budget LPs. Sometimes worse than the CD’s, purely because a lot of cheap vinyl just sounds like complete shit. No one will buy these records. I bet there are some charity shops that keep shuffling the same box of unsellable shit around the shop floor for nearly 10 years now. Do everyone a favour and put them in a bin, don’t make them into shitting clocks or bowls – if you must, shatter them so they can never return from the grave.