Video Game Adverts

It probably comes at no surprise to learn that I am someone who truly loves looking at old adverts – from cool things like cars and computers to mundane things like washing up liquid and life insurance. OK I will admit I’ll take to looking at adverts for cars, computers and video games over household products or insurance products any day but they all have a special charm to them.

Under previous projects I had began the task of collecting various video game adverts, namely those in print format (so those that have appeared in magazines, books, catalogues etc.). I recently was plundering through some archives and found that collection and realised that I had yet to share it with the world. Not wanting many nights digitally flicking through scanned magazines on or Google Books to go to waste I have now began the task of uploading that collection here.

Where Do They Come From

I’m not going to hide anything here, a lot of the adverts you see here I have obtained from scanned magazines on or Google Books. A few of them are from other scanned sources that I have come across over the years and there are also a few that are scans of my own from magazines that I own.

I did use to keep track of where they were originally published but that information has since been long lost.

Let me take this chance to take my hat off to the various patrons out there who dedicate their time to scanning these old magazines – I get worn out after doing just a few short promotional catalogues!

How This Works

Simply choose a publisher from below to see adverts for titles from that publisher.

On that page you will see a grid of images (possibly split further into sections depending on the amount) which when clicked will reveal a high-resolution image of the advert.

Can I Help?

At the moment I’m currently not looking for any collaborators with any of my projects. However if I was going to open any of them up, this might be one of the first to do so.

See this article as to why I am apprehensive of opening up my project to collaboration.

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