Hello and Welcome!

You’ve reached the personal website/blog for me!

What to Expect

With this blog you can expect various posts about whatever I find interesting at that very moment in time. There’s no real theme here, just bits and bobs that I feel like sharing.

Like a proper traditional blog of the 2000’s (yes I am that ancient) expect the unexpected.

As always, thoughts and opinions are of my own creation.

Computer Legacy

I also run another website, Computer Legacy, which is now being used to keep track of my projects that are more related to computers.

As this website has been around for a few years, and I had previously “blogged” about various computer-y things on here, those pages will stay but anything new will be *over there*. Those pages will have a little warning a-top them.

Something’s Now Missing

Yes I realised that I would often start a project and then not finish it. This means there’s a lot of dead ends and unfinished business present on the website. If I think that there is no value of whatever drivel I wrote then that page will be removed. If you desperately do require it’s content, then it might be archived on the WayBackMachine or something.