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This is a dynamic post, the original publish date is 11/08/19 but will be updated as this page updates – Dan

Although we are graced by the wonders that is the Way Back Machine (helpfully provided by Archive.org) which captures websites as they are and preserves them ready for your small research project or trip down nostalgia lane; it is sometimes a little fustrating to use for captures pre-2008. See the issue comes in that at that time a lot of the content on the pages simply couldn’t be backed up to the Archive.org servers and so you may find that going to these pages in the Way Back Machine show up broken and badly formatted pages.

Now unfortunately I do not have a real time machine to go back and retrieve these websites (because if I could, I would) but there is something which can also prove helpful… screenshots!

OK so screenshots aren’t always the most helpful as they are not always ultra clear or high resolution, however they do capture all images that would have appeared on a page at the time of being taken. Many of the screenshots you see on this page are from magazines, and so can vary in their quality or resolution – but are useful all the same.




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