Gallery of Discontinued British Food and Drink

Who doesn’t love a gallery! Who doesn’t love some nostalgia!

I see a lot of slide-shows on various social and blog-like platforms that seem to contain the same 10 items that people are fond of seeing again – but what about all the other things that people have forgotten (sometimes for good reason!).

Well in this dynamic post, we’ll see a sea of memories in foil-lined packets, glass bottles and tin foil trays.

As always, if you remember something, leave a comment!!


  • This page won’t cover every single discontinued item, but hopefully will include some you might have forgotten about.
  • Images will come from supermarket websites, scans of printed media or still screenshots from adverts. As always, the copyright of these images stays with the original rights holder.
  • Dates given are the date when that image is from, not the date that the item was discontinued.
  • This page will primarily contain discontinued items in the UK; some of these products may still exist in other regions, or were later re-released under a different name.
  • A product may appear in multiple iterations if the packaging changes.

Birds Eye

Menu Master

Coca-Cola Company




Express Diary





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