Looking to the Future

AAAAH *ahem* yes hello, it turns out I’ve been cyber-dead for the past 2 years….

Well if this blog is the measuring stick for my aliveness. I haven’t really been dead, just not focused on this. I’ve been busy on various projects here and there, with (as always) differing levels of completion.

So let’s quickly (?) bring everyone up to speed.

Why The Return?

My mind wanders constantly, and I flick from thing-to-thing that I find interesting at that moment in time. This might be something relating to old computers, maybe cars, maybe archival work, maybe contributing to a larger project or something completely new and random.

Either way, I always want to share my findings – just in case someone else out there is wondering if anyone else cares about the silly little thing that I do.

Dan’s Things was always meant to be my personal website, for all projects personal to me. However it sort of developed into a bit of a messy-mess and the focus of the website began to slip.

Split Websites, Two Purposes

So with that I resurrected my old domain Computer-Legacy.com and have begun working on that.

Why? Well most of the projects I have been involved with recently have been relating or pertaining to the subject of dusty old computers or using flashy shiny modern computers to restore, recover, process other dusty old things (like Teletext Recovery and digital capture of analog media).

So from today, and hopefully for the foreseeable, Computer Legacy is where all the computer-y bits will live; and this website is where all the fun random stuff will live.

What Next?

Well as you can imagine I’ve got a lot planned, but first of all this place needs a tidy and there’s some background admin also going on.

For the longest time hosting of Computer Legacy and the hosting of this website have been happening on two different services. This used to not be such an issue but with increasing prices with hosting, it seems sensible to bring them all under one umbrella.

One of the projects I have been working on regarding a dump of MP3.com from 2003 has somewhere in the region of 20GB of data spread across a few hundred thousand little files that need to be moved. My current transfer of a single folder is apparently going to take somewhere in the region of two days.

But once all that is done, then we can get back to normal.

Hopefully this won’t be the last post of 2023!

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