From around the age of 12 I have really enjoyed music. OK I know, that isn’t really in any way profound as the majority of peopleĀ enjoy music. I would say I set myself apart from the general crowd however with how I consume music and the types of music I enjoy.

Although I cannot play an instrument, compose a song, write lyrics or sing with any kind of melody I certainly enjoy collecting music. I have a sizable physical collection which is only restricted by how much space I have.

The thing I enjoy the most about music is sharing it. Be it listening to music with friends who also enjoy it or introducing new music to people.

In this section of Dans-Things you will find all my posts that relate to music; reviews, collecting music, updates on my listening queues, music diaries and various other items of interest.


This page contains links to the various parts of my collection. There are two main areas within this sub-section: collection updates (which are quarterly posts about new releases added into my collection) and collection lists (which are basic lists of all of the releases that are in my collection).

Wish List

Pretty much what it says on the tin, a reference I use to remember releases I intend to purchase. My current aim is to trim this wish list down as much as possible as it has become rather long in recent years.

Listening Lists

(AKA Listening Queues)

These are reference lists that I use to keep track of the music that I am listening to, and the music that I have listened to that didn’t make it into my collection.

Audio Obscurities Archive

One of my favourite past-times is archiving media in the digital space. This includes archiving small time, independent, hobbyist, rare and generally odd music releases.


Although this isn’t something I partake in often, sometimes I have an overwhelming urge to write some of my thoughts about a release. These reviews are usually posted to Discogs, however I have copied these here for your enjoyment.


This section is where I try to collect together selections of albums that are similar in theme. Some of these themes are already well established, whereas some are themes that I have created myself.

Everything Else

For posts about music that don’t fit into any of the above categories.